How To Get To Sunshine Coast From Vancouver?


The Sunshine Coast is only accessible from Vancouver by boat or plane. To board the boat, travel north of Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and board the BC Ferries route to Langdale, arriving in Gibsons. Bring your camera to capture the beauty of this 40-minute boat voyage!

Similarly, How long is ferry ride from Vancouver to Sunshine Coast?

40 minutes

Also, it is asked, How long is ferry ride from Vancouver to Gibsons?

For many people, Gibsons is the gateway to the Sunshine Coast, due to the short 40-minute ferry voyage from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal to the Langdale Ferry Terminal.

Secondly, How much is the ferry ride to Sunshine Coast?

It takes 40-45 minutes to sail. The round trip fee is $13.70 per ‘adult’ (12+), $6.85 per kid (5-11), $45.90 per passenger car (up to 20′), and $2 each bicycle beginning of April 1, 2021. Mon-Thu, seniors are free. On the journey back to Horseshoe Bay, there is no charge, and children under the age of five ride for free.

Also, How do I get to the Sunshine Coast without a car?

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, the Sunshine Coast Connector may assist you in getting to the North Coast. Once you get in Powell River, you may use public transportation or the new Zunga Bus. The City of Powell River has launched a new trial on-demand transportation service. It is available to everyone and provides quick, enjoyable, and convenient travel.

People also ask, Can you get to Sunshine Coast without ferry?

To get your automobile to the Sunshine Coast, you’ll need to take a car ferry from either Vancouver (to Gibsons) or Vancouver Island through BC Ferries’ scheduled service for cars and pedestrians (to Powell River).

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How do you get from Sunshine Coast to Richmond BC?

There is no direct link between Richmond and the Sunshine Coast. You may, however, take the bus to Vancouver, BC’s Burrard Skytrain, walk to Vancouver’s 1025 Dunsmuir Street, take the bus to Garibaldi Provincial Park’s Rubble Creek Trailhead, and then go to the Sunshine Coast.

How long is the Langdale ferry?

How do I get to Gibsons by ferry?

Gibsons is quite accessible! From Vancouver, take the Langdale ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver; for schedules and rates, go to or call 1-888-223-3779. The fare is one-way. Credit cards and cash are accepted at the terminal and on board; Interac is not accepted. There are ATMs at the terminal and on board.

How do I get from Vancouver to Gibson?

There is no direct link between Vancouver and Gibsons. You may, however, take the line 257 bus to Keith Rd At Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, walk to Horseshoe Bay, get the ferry to Langdale, walk to Langdale Ferry Terminal on the Sunshine Coast, and then take the line 1 bus to Marine at Jacks.

Can you drive to the Sunshine Coast?

Although it is located on the mainland of British Columbia, travel to the Sunshine Coast is only possible by boat, helicopter, or aircraft.

Do seniors get a discount on BC Ferries?

On all routes, excluding the northern lines, seniors 65 and older who have either a BC Gold Carecard or a valid BC Services Card get a 100 percent discount on passenger tickets Monday to Thursday, except statutory holidays.

Is there a ferry from Powell River to Vancouver Island?

Powell River to Vancouver Island The passage between Comox and Powell River on the Sunshine Coast is around 90 minutes long and has four sailings each day. The Comox / Powell River ferry schedule may be found here.

Do you pay at Earls Cove ferry?

At the time of travel, fares are paid at the terminal. On Highway 101, 27 kilometers north of Madeira Park, Earls Cove terminal is a one-and-a-half-hour trip from Langdale terminal.

How do you travel around the Sunshine Coast?

Taxis are available to go about the Sunshine Coast. Taxis on the Sunshine Coast may be hired online or over the phone, making them quite convenient. Taking public transportation. Bike rental Walking. Car hiring.

How do you get to Powell River from Vancouver Island?

Taxi, boat, or bus are the two options for getting from Vancouver Island to Powell River. From Campbell River, take a cab to Comox. From Comox, take the Powell River ferry.

How do I get to Powell River without a car?

Without a vehicle, the best way to go from Vancouver to Powell River is by boat and bus, which takes 7 hours and 11 minutes and costs $40 to $75. What is the time difference between Vancouver and Powell River? The journey from Vancouver to Powell River takes roughly 7h 11m, including transfers.

Do you need a car in Gibsons?

To tour the Sunshine Coast without a vehicle, start at Lower Gibsons (the town is tiny, but there are beaches nearby that you can walk to), then get the bus to Sechelt and explore the area on foot. Sechelt and Gibsons are both walkable towns with beaches nearby.

Where does the Langdale ferry go?

Bay of Horseshoes

How much is the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale?

Every four hours, BC Ferries runs a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale. The ride takes 40 minutes and tickets range from $9 to $40.

How long is the ferry ride from Powell River to Sechelt?

50 minutes roughly

Is Langdale to Horseshoe Bay free?

Saver rates for travel from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay will be $0, including a free one-way reservation, since fees are not collected at the Langdale terminal. Saver rates will be available on a limited number of sailings and are subject to availability.

Is Horseshoe Bay BC a good place to live?

Horseshoe Bay is about a 20-minute drive from Vancouver’s downtown area. This beautiful beach village’s natural beauty is breathtaking. Caf├ęs, ice cream parlors, a marina, a tavern, restaurants, and stores stocked with Canadiana souvenirs and crafts manufactured by local craftsmen make up this vibrant village.

Are BC Ferries cold?

It shouldn’t be too chilly in May unless you’re unfortunate and plan your vacation on a wet day. Also, the interior sitting section of the boat is heated, so if you are chilly, simply sit inside and be warm. Helpful? It might be hot and humid in May, or wet and chilly.

Is Gibsons BC a good place to live?

The International Awards for Liveable Towns selected Gibsons, a community of around 4,000 people, the greatest place to live in the world among communities with less than 20,000 people. The United Nations has given its approval to the award scheme.

How do I get to Sunshine Coast from Victoria?

By boat, bus, or airline, there are five methods to go from Victoria to the Sunshine Coast. Take the boat from Victoria, British Columbia, to Vancouver, British Columbia. From Horseshoe Bay, take the ferry to Langdale. Take the bus to Egmont from Langdale Terminal.

How long is Horseshoe Bay Ferry to Nanaimo?

How do I get from Vancouver to Egmont?

Location. Egmont is 6 kilometers (4 miles) east of Earls Cove, the BC Ferry terminus on the Sunshine Coast’s Sechelt Peninsula, in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains area. Take the Horseshoe Bay Ferry from West Vancouver to Langdale, then travel 85 kilometers (53 miles) to Egmont on Highway 101.

Can you drive from the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver?

A direct automobile travel from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast is difficult unless you drive to Horseshoe Bay, about 20 minutes north of Vancouver, and take the car on the ferry with you.

What is the Sunshine Coast known for?

The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the world’s top beaches. Some of Australia’s most pristine natural landscapes may be found on the Sunshine Coast. On the Sunshine Coast, art, culture, and historical enthusiasts will find enough to enjoy.

What cities are on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast’s principal communities are as follows: River Powell (pop. 13,157) Sechelt (pop. 10,200) Gibsons (pop. 4,605) Creek Roberts (pop. 3,421)

What day is free for seniors on BC Ferries?

Tuesday thru Thursday2

How old is a senior in BC?

On presentation of a BC Services Card, a BC Driver’s License, a BC Identification Card, or a Birth Certificate, BC seniors aged 65 and above ride free on BC Ferries Monday through Thursday, except on the holidays listed below. Proof of BC residence is necessary if you are presenting a Birth Certificate.


The “ferry vancouver to sunshine coast” is a way for people to travel from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast. The ferry leaves from the Horseshoe Bay Terminal in West Vancouver and takes about 2 hours.

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The “vancouver to gibsons ferry” is a trip that can be taken from Vancouver, BC to the Sunshine Coast. The route can take up to 3 hours and costs $100 CAD.

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