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Best Real Estate Agents in North Vancouver, BC

Eddie Yan is an award winning real estate agent that has specialized in Vancouver and Burnaby real estate for 26 years. Contact him today: (604) 722-7309.

Doris Gee & Phil Moore

Buy or sell homes, condos, townhouses & real estate in Burnaby, BC and Vancouver areas. Call Doris at 604-250-0177 or Phil at 604-230-3772 today.

Team Vince Chan is comprised of top Burnaby & Vancouver Realtors specializing in homes for sale in Burnaby, Vancouver, and Coquitlam. 

If you are looking for the best North Vancouver real estate agent then you should be aware of several important factors that can help you find a good agent. These things are much more than just signing up with an agent and hoping that things go well.

It is true that agents have their advantages when it comes to selling or buying properties. However, there are also some disadvantages associated with letting an agent to handle your property business.

Agents who charge fees to represent you will charge you the same regardless of whether your sale proceeds well or poorly. They do not deal with your closing costs and may recommend a broker who may charge a commission on your closing costs. Therefore, if your property closing requires much more than a $100 or so, it may be better to deal directly with your agent.

Selling or buying a home is a complicated and extremely expensive transaction. A good agent will make sure that all your concerns are addressed and that you are dealing with someone who truly understands your situation.

A good real estate agent will know how to manage a financial situation that may seem overwhelming to many people. This will keep you from falling into a bad situation because they will be able to see what is possible and what is not.

A good real estate agent will be honest with you, when you choose them. This is the one thing that people complain about the most and which helps to separate a good agent from a bad one. Agents will tell you the truth about a potential transaction and they will not try to hide any information that will give you a false sense of security.

It is a good idea to have several potential agents to choose from. This will ensure that you get the best agent and the right price for your property.

Once you have selected a good North Vancouver real estate agent, it is up to you to ensure that you buy or sell your property to the best standard. The best real estate agents know what their customers expect of them and will always meet those expectations. For this reason, there are no issues at all with dealing with an agent who is simply not up to the job.

You may not be able to afford the best North Vancouver real estate agent for a number of reasons. For example, the agent may have only recently started selling or buying houses, therefore they are under trained to deal with the complexities of the industry.

Another way an agent can find a buyer or seller is through referrals. By hiring a great agent who has shown your family a lot of trust and loyalty in the past, they will recommend the same person to you.

Whether you want to buy or sell a property, a good real estate agent will work hard to find the property that is going to suit you the best. They will be up front with you about your expectations and ask you questions about your lifestyle.

Therefore, finding the best North Vancouver real estate agent should be a top priority for anyone. Keep these factors in mind as you shop for your agent.