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Brad Maclaren | Top Realtor Victoria BC is a real estate agent located in the Downtown area of British Columbia.

+1 250-727-5448

752 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8W 3M6


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Review Highlights

Dawn Jones

The fact that we’ve employed Brad’s services as our Realtor for the second time is testament enough as to how highly we think of him, and how much we recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home!
He helped us buy our first home when we moved to Canada back in 2016, but this time around we were selling our home and buying a new place, which was a slightly new experience for us. Brad is very patient and he held our hands every step of the way, even when we asked “those” dumb questions! We learned a lot from his invaluable advice and recommendations. He helped us find the perfect home for us as a family, and we’re excited to be moving in soon.
Not only do we consider him to be THE BEST Realtor, we consider him a friend!
Thank you Brad for all you’ve done for us again, we can’t be more grateful!
The Jones Family!

Cynthia Brander-Smith

One of my deepest New Year’s gratitudes goes to our realtor, Brad MacLaren (Mac 007). As a highly undecided, prospective buyer, I told Brad that if he found a really special home, we’d be interested. I emphasized that it had to be unique. Then, I closed on a more hopeful note saying, “If we really like it, we’ll buy it.” Bought it we did.

Having been a realtor in Vancouver, I notice the pros and cons of realtors. Brad gave us nothing but pros. Once you’re in negotiation and dealing with layered documentation involved in a BC RE transaction, one has to be on the ball for a successful outcome, especially during a C-19 stoked RE market. Alternatively, in a calmer market, it really helps to lean on a realtor’s past experience. If you’re looking for a really professional, dynamic, and highly seasoned realtor, you must consider Brad.

Here’s a laundry list of what Brad did really well for us, while always in good humour:

– always punctual, well dressed, prepared;
– listening to our input more than speaking, he focussed on only relevant facts;
– lightning fast responses to communications;
– an inside track to homes about to come to market;
– willingness to approach owners re: exploration of readiness to market;
– very thorough and patient w/ clients re: signing contracts (eg. listing contract);
– gifted us a staging consultation, which prompted me to pre-pack much more (invaluable); and,
– offered a referral network for closing matters (eg. conveyance lawyer, notary).

The list goes on and on. In addition to Brad’s educated intelligence and interpersonal skills, passion fuels his outstanding performance record. It’s always refreshing to work with someone like Brad who has authentic confidence, which allows him to frame outcomes with realism and optimism. Having been deep in the trenches to work with Brad in preparation for our listing, I had the hunch that we’d sell to the first buyer. And … we did! After so much effort working together with many moving parts, success felt amazing.

It truly pays to believe in and align with your realtor, even during market lulls. Although Brad is always on his client’s team, he makes it easy to be on his team to get the job done. Thx, Brad!

Jaclynn Soet

I met Brad through a very satisfied mutual client and got to know him better as his guest at the Westshore BNI. Immediately, I could tell he was an engaging and energetic person, as well as a top quality Realtor. Brad really knows his industry, and works hard to help his clients with their buying and selling needs. We have since worked together on two projects that have resulted in happy clients. Brad’s approach is hands-on, and custom to your unique situation and needs. The fact that he takes the time to help clients sell their homes for top-dollar speaks volumes to how much he truly cares. When it comes to this type of investment, you want Mr. Real Estate on your team!

Bonny Stedman

I cannot begin to thank Brad Maclaren enough for his assistance with my first home purchase. He was very patient with me and my specific needs, and I appreciated his honesty when viewing different listings. With Brad, it’s not about the sale. His goal is making sure this big investment is the right one for you. He always made me feel like his most important client. Thanks Brad, for the time and effort you put into me last year.