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Sohail Dhanani - Your Home SOLD GUARANTEED!* is a real estate agency located in the North York area of Ontario.

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4711 Yonge St 10th Floor, Toronto, ON M2N 6K8


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Review Highlights

Eli Goldberg

I met Sohail after being recommended by a number of colleagues who have previously been assisted by him in finding their home.

When Sohail and I first met, he sat me down and explained to me what the process would look like, what my options were and what the best plan would be going forward.

When we started looking at properties, Sohail took the time to explain to me market trends as well as comparable pricing for other properties in those areas.

He made sure that I had all the information that I needed, so when it came time to make an offer, I can make an educated decision.

When we did find a property that I was happy with, Sohail negotiated the price down even lower than what I was willing to offer!

Ultimately the offer that we did make and was accepted, was well below the market value for that property.

Sohail also introduced me to a mortgage agent who was able to secure me a mortgage with a very competitive rate.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first property or if you have experience in real estate, I highly recommend that you go to Sohail Dhanani!

Marianne Scopick

We were recommended to contact Sohail by our sister-in-law.

We had interviewed several real estate agents before we met Sohail.

From the moment we met him, he felt like family. He had a good rapport with our two children.

And he was very understanding. He listened to all of our needs and more importantly he got the job done.

His presentation was amazing.

He talked to us about all the market and how he would go about presenting our home on websites and social media. You know, take photos of it and present it in a way that attracts the buyers that you want to have for this certain, you know, for the home instead of, you know, trying to market to certain you know, every every demographic you just narrow it down to focus.

And we listened to some of the recommendations he had about the house too, you know, try to, you know, touch up, you know, I guess, you know, do a little bit of painting and all that stuff.

So, we knew we definitely needed to bring our A game after his presentation. And once we were ready he brought in his team of stagers, photographer, lawyer, his photographer and the video that he created for the house it showed exceptionally well.

We had quite a few showings in just a few days.

And then we had multiple offers. And then he kept us in the loop back and forth with those agents who kept us informed of what was going on with those offers and yeah, we had he sold the home for top dollar he sold it obviously really quick 5 days and he sold it with really no hassle.

It’s pretty easy negotiation with the final buyers. We were really pleased with the entire process, and we would definitely recommend Sohail to anyone that’s looking for a real estate agent!

Yeah, we couldn’t have picked a better agent.

So we’re really happy with the whole experience selling and we’re looking forward to our next step on our journey.

So, when you want a real estate agent, contact Sooohaaaill!!!” 🙂

Karim Pabani

My wife Emma and I used Sohail to sell our Cumberland street condo in Yorkville. I have known Sohail for about 17 years now. I met him when I was a teenager in our community.

We saw his success over the past couple of years being Facebook friends and seeing all of his social media posts and knew right away when we had to sell our condo he was the agent we wanted to reach out to.

He not only understood what our needs were when we met him, but also the environment and the current situation in the Toronto market. He was able to use that information and his marketing savvy to sell the house above asking within 6 days, so we couldn’t ask for anything more.

So during the process, we met with him and he took us through a detailed presentation where he went through not only his background, but the Toronto market’s background and then specifically our area’s background. We were able to kind of gauge where the market was, what things were selling for and accounted for all aspects of the sale.

I think what stood out to me personally was his ability to divulge into the numbers and understand where we needed to focus on and what price we needed to start at.

He brought us through the whole process from start to finish and one of our key requirements when he asked us what we were looking for in a realtor was communication. And we got that and some more!

He was patient and he listened to all of our, our concerns. We were kind of new to this and this was our first sale. So any questions we had and he sat down and spoke through all of the processes that we had to go from start to finish, and it made things so easy! He listened to our needs and concerns throughout and was not pushy in any way possible.

He marketed the property once we decided on a price point, which was very competitive.

He marketed the property on several different platforms, created a video social media presence, and within 4 days, we already had offers coming through so we couldn’t have been happier in that sense. When it came to the price point we had a number in mind just from other sales and kind of gauging the market or or hopeful number. He was able to use the numbers of recent sales things that were listed and give us a realistic number that we could follow.

And that number was not only surpassed, our number was surpassed as well.

Sold for 10% above asking and it only again took 6 days! So he was able to generate so many showings during that time. And when it came to communication again, we had access to the booking information so we would get notifications on the bookings and see that his marketing was actually producing results.

I think the photos and the videos really speak for themselves. They were top quality and when we compare them to the other units in our building, you can see that there is a vast difference in the quality and professionalism and that’s why some of the other listings in our building were up for 96, 127 and 180 days. And ours was only on for a few.

Again, it was a 5 Star experience from start to finish. And we couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Sohail under promised and over delivered! Which is what you want in any realtor. And we have already decided that no matter what happens in the future, if we purchase another property, or if we look to invest in property, Sohail is gonna be our first contact!

So if you are looking for a realtor, there’s nowhere else you need to go, speak to Sohail!

Adeeb Dhanani

People say you shouldn’t work with family, yet we did. Sohail is our brother and brother-in-law and he’s family. We didn’t choose to work with him because he’s family, we chose to work with him because he knows what he’s doing. Sohail is an investor himself and he’s been a realtor for over a decade and he knows investments!

We worked with Sohail to find our first Investment Property and we’re so happy we did. Sohail met with us and spent hours till the late evening to fully understand our needs. Sohail researched, found some great properties, explained the investment and purchase process to us, he ran numbers for us, did not pressure us and he was a great teacher for us to understand everything we needed to know to buy an investment property.

Sohail is data driven, detailed oriented and his competence, integrity and character are phenomenal.

Sohail even introduced us to a great lawyer and mortgage broker on his team and basically quarter-backed the entire process from end to end. In the end, we found a great property almost $100K below market value and he even negotiated an additional $10K after we had already a deal in place!

We couldn’t be happier with Sohail and we highly recommend him! Thank you for helping us find a great investment property to help grow our wealth for our family, Sohail! Five Stars! 🙂