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Stonehaus Realty is a real estate agency located in British Columbia.

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1126 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P5


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Review Highlights

Jenny Jagers

TLDR: Amir and Christopher are absolutely the right team to buy a house with.

Amir and Christopher are a dream team when it comes to a realtor and broker. I cannot express how picking this team has made ALL the difference. We were anxious to pull the trigger and buy a home. There’s so much to learn and frankly it gets overwhelming. We were also witnessing our landlord go through major efforts trying to sell the rental we were in. That realty team seemed to be less than helpful and for months we were asked to leave our house for two hours every Saturday and Sunday. It was an impossible strategy that left us frustrated and our landlord unable to sell. Not very encouraging when you are supposed to be getting a realtor yourself.

But Christopher and Amir changed everything for us.

I’d landed on the Stonehaus realty page while browsing, and sent a link to my spouse. He had clicked on it and asked for more information and Amir actually called. It was a great conversation and it motivated us enough to say yes to a meeting. We joined that meeting, and were blown away! Amir had a step by step presentation detailing the entire home buying process. There was a guide, step-by-step diagrams and stats! Any way you wanted to look at home buying was possible, by area, by price, by potential for growth- Amir had it all He also introduced us to Christopher, the Mortage broker he works with. We got to the meeting with Christopher and were so impressed. Christopher made simple work of all the questions we had, helped us to work out the math, gave us realistic and solid details (which by the way held true this whole process) and took all the guess work we were doing out of our way.

We knew what we could qualify for and we knew what we had to do to change it. We got a literal homework list, and trust me, DO IT! We gained serious traction on our credit scores, we improved our options.
Amir and Christopher are young and ambitious and it is such an advantage! They are on point, and clear about how to get what you want, innovative, hard working and dedicated to being the best.

Once we had our magic number and knew what we could afford, Amir started sending a couple of listings a week on email. We provided some comments, and each time the listings he sent would get better. At the time our rental was still on the market, almost five months, and we thought we had time. Christopher checked in every 3 weeks or so and Amir about once a week with a couple listings, just a quick email or text. We made good progress on our savings and never felt pressured into moving faster.

Then one week, our landlords’ team didn’t ask for access so we called to check in. They had sold the place! We called Amir that night. at 4:30 pm. Amir alerted Christopher, we had a quick call to get pre-approval underway and the next morning we were meeting Amir in front of the first listing. Amir was tireless and got us in to see every possible option. He had taken notice of our comments over emails and If we made a decision to switch gears, different location, different price point, Amir would adjust listings for the next day. And under this methodology it didn’t take us long to find a place, and we put in an offer.

Then came all the processes we had been told about, and Amir and Christopher were super helpful and were excellent guides through the whole process. We even went with a probate sale, it’s way more complicated! But with this team— easy!

We are just over a month now from that frantic phone call and we get possession of our new home tomorrow!! The stress we had prior to meeting this team was unbearable, but instead we have been celebrating, sharing that excitement and looking forward to the next stage ! This team has made all the difference.

So choose Amir and Christopher. Future you will thank you. You deserve a good team. And Amir and Christopher are that team.

Tahler Lovell

Jack Ramsey was absolutely wonderful! We were first time home buyers with something quite specific in mind and he secured our purchase and communicated beautifully with us and everyone involved. Throughout the process we felt taken care of and knew he had our best interest as his number 1 priority. When tricky situations arose he gave us sound advice and dealt with anything thrown his way efficiently and with grace. We truly can’t recommend him enough – he is a very real and genuine person.

Cindy Adams

I give Stonehaus Realty 5 out of 5 stars because I feel they care about their agents input and that they value us. I have more creative control and freedom at Stonehaus to build the exact business model that I want.

Stonehaus is heavy into bringing us Tom Ferry coaching resources and even brought his sales summit training into the office for us to come and watch. Thanks to Stonehaus I am back in Tom Ferry coaching and feel like next year will be my best year yet despite this changing market!

Adam told me to start a door knocking group so we have one of those.

Stonehaus has a free yearly sales retreat which was a blast, a summer BBQ, a fancy Christmas Party and Adam does hikes up grouse grind weekly which we can join him on..

There are tones of Teams at Stonehaus to join and there is a mentorship.

The managing broker Tanya is nice and helpful. We have group chats too where everyone can share and mastermind.

I could go on and on and on about good things to say about Stonehaus. I am pretty happy here!

Jennifer Mccauley

I would advise anyone to NOT use this realtor company. There are NO words to describe the Horrible Pain that I have been put through for Many months and they Greatly Contributed. Many lies. Too much to mention on here. It is Sick and Horrible to be screwed over for Many Many Thousands of Dollars for having to sell my place to someone filthy rich so that I could leave. On top of that I was screwed over for an extra $693. for cleaning that I was told would be done as it said in the information I was given. It is outrageous for the Horrible Dictator of the land to spend that much when the place was in good condition Overall. Just needed vacuuming and windows cleaned. I would advise anyone to NOT use this realtor company.