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Tony E.D. Zhang PREC* - Coquitlam REALTOR Profile

Tony E.D. Zhang PREC* - Coquitlam REALTOR is a real estate agency located in British Columbia.

+1 778-882-1013

2060 Colton Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 1Z2


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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
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Review Highlights

Ping Bill Zhang

Tony helped me secure a townhouse in Coquitlam and helped educate us on everything we needed to know since our first meeting. He was extremely patient and provided us with all the necessary information that helped us feel at ease and confident in our purchase decision.

What I really appreciated about Tony is his approachability and how much comfort and reassurance he was able to provide us whenever we had questions or doubts. Communication was stellar and he always remained flexible, putting our schedules first whenever tasks needed to be completed.

We will definitely be recommending him to all of our friends and family.


I have worked with Tony and I can definitely say that is he is a very professional and a down to earth Realtor. Tony was very helpful and he is truly invested in helping me. He is able to provide tailored solutions to my concerns and was able to show genuine compassion whenever I called him for help. He was able to keep all of his promises and worked on a very clear deadline, while being transparent and responsive throughout the entire process. His ethical and friendly demeanour is what makes him a very trustworthy and respectable Realtor, and I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking for real estate guidance.

Aphrodite Song

Tony Zhang is a pleasure to work with. For the initial consultation, he was well prepared and researched, helping us make informed decisions. In terms of services, they offered great staging and cleaning services, as well as photos and videos of our house were very professional. The communication with him was great, getting back to us with regular updates. We felt included in the process and never felt neglected.

Tony approaches his job with a lot of strategy and preparation, which pays off. We sold our house in only 3 days with multiple offers. Highly recommended to others looking for a young and hardworking realtor !

Turner Berreth

Tony was an excellent realtor throughout the entire home buying process. He was extremely professional and always had our best interests at the front of his mind. As first time home buyers, we were somewhat naive to the process and Tony went above and beyond to help us understand each step and nuance involved. He was very flexible and adapted to our changes in situation and made himself available at any time.

I would highly recommend Tony. We are very appreciative to have had him to facilitate our purchase so smoothly. Get ahold of him for your real estate needs!