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Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group - Stilhavn Real Estate Services is a real estate agency located in the East Vancouver area of British Columbia.

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36 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1G8


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Review Highlights

Alexander Tappin

We weren’t able to put a deal together this time, but my experience working with Kristi Holz was excellent. She was effortlessly knowledgeable about her listing, honest, communicative, professional, and very kind to everyone involved. It’s always reaffirming to meet another impeccable peer. Cheers.

Vikki C

We recently purchased a house listed by you guys and i have to say, very sadden by the state of it. Do you guys not follow up with your clients to at least leave the house clean? Specially during a pandemic?

We met our agent around noon at the property, the lights were on everywhere in the house and you can see through windows previous owners still had some stuff in the house. Well, the owners showed up as we were examining the house. No masks! Walking freely around now our house and gathering their stuff. However, didnt take their garbage bag that they left in the middle of a kitchen half full and open. Garage – left all the work betches and we need the room.
House cleanliness? Non existant! Dirt everywhere! Im so upset over this as our elderly, immune compromised parents were to stay there, in the dirty house! Door jams are black, so are the window sills. Broken mirror in the bedroom closet, behind broken closet doors, more dirt and broken stuff behind washer and dryer, dried food stuck to kitchen floors, stove and counters, not even mentioning the endless dust. We are $800 into professional cleaning and its not even half done yet. The cleaner that was doing the kitchen advised that hood fan looks like it was never cleaned, she had to pull out a knife to clean it from gunk on the inside.
Oh and did i mention that previous owners left gas turned on the stove and bbq outside? They sure did! In some rooms furniture was held by a wall bracket and it looks like it was just ripped out as we have 1 inch holes in few places now.

That said, the agent we did meet was very nice and corteous (hence some stars) i just wish you guys followed up with your client…or made this right somehow.

Eitan Pinsky

The Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group has built a very strong team with Kristi Holz, one of the Group’s Realtors, being absolutely fantastic. Kristi has helped my friends and clients with their real estate purchases and I’m always glad when we work together. Every one of Kristi’s clients has been knowledgeable about the home buying process and understands what to expect… it’s a pleasure to work with clients who are so well informed and taken care of – thank you Kristi! As a mortgage broker who works with dozens of realtors, Kristi is at the top!

Brent and Katey

We could not be happier with Ben and the Zwick Chimes team helping us with the sale and purchase of our Vancouver Condo. During the purchase process Ben provided us with great advise and his knowledge of the Vancouver market was very obvious. We found an amazing place at a great price and closed the deal in no time flat. When the time came to sell again Ben came to our aid with great tips on how to best get the place ready to sell and then knocked the sale out of the park! His team was unbelievably helpful in the process too helping with all the organisation and going above and beyond on multiple occasions to make sure everything ran smoothly. We would highly recommend Ben and his team to anyone living in Vancouver.