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Best Real Estate Agents in Vancouver, BC

Eddie Yan is an award winning real estate agent that has specialized in Vancouver and Burnaby real estate for 26 years. Contact him today: (778) 402-8348.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart and his team are Top Vancouver Realtors since 2005. They are passionate about helping their clients buy and sell homes in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

With a love of helping homebuyers find the perfect home, Gaëtan is your best choice when buying or selling real estate. Experienced in luxury sales, Gaëtan has successfully represented buyers and sellers in Vancouver’s competitive real estate market. 

Find Agent - Vancouver Realtor
Phone: (778) 402-8348
1011 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC V6C 0B2

The top 10 reasons to hire a Vancouver real estate agent: He is trusted, he has more experience, he understands your needs, he can help you find the right house, he is honest and open with you, he works in the knowledge that many people in Vancouver do business with him, he is willing to take the time to find the right house for you. These are the best reasons to hire a real estate agent in Vancouver.

A Vancouver agent understands what Vancouverites are looking for. A real estate agent will be able to list houses for those who want to sell and will be able to list properties for those who want to buy.

There are many agents that need work. A great agent will be able to offer to work for free and even include you in their marketing team. The most successful agents are all about "making the best first impression".

In order to find the right agent, it's important to learn as much as possible about the agents that have already worked with them. You can do this by using internet search engines and by visiting a few real estate forums online.

Vancouver is a diverse city and a real estate agent should be able to speak to most types of buyers. If the agent is only looking out for homes for the wealthy in the areas that they live in, they won't get very far.

An agent that works as a broker for different brokerage firms should be able to get you the right listings for your needs. While he may know how to get a top listing, you should be able to give him the basic details.

A Vancouver real estate agent should be able to show you the houses first. As you walk through the showroom, he should be able to show you pictures and show you all the details and then the better prepared you are the better it will feel when you're actually in the house and looking at it.

If you don't like looking at pictures then tell him and he will make you some to look at before showing it to you. This will allow you to make an informed decision and can prevent you from being swayed by the pictures and a few other factors.

The best Vancouver real estate agent knows the ins and outs of Vancouver real estate. He will know the names of all the bidders and will have them arranged in order of how close the seller is to getting the property.

A real estate agent will know when to get out and when to remain silent. This will help him make the right offers and make the right sales.

It's amazing how much of a difference a Vancouver real estate agent can make. So many things can go wrong when buying or selling a property that if you had a good agent on your side, you would find it much easier.

The top reasons to hire a real estate agent in Vancouver can be summed up in just two words. Trust and transparency.

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